Diet Soda Dangers


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September 30, 2013:
Coca Cola runs ad campaigns supporting Aspartame. New study shows that Diet Soda increases Type 2 Diabetes risk by 33%. Add Depression to the list of things that diet soda does for you. Q:Who does depression hurt? A: People who drink diet colas. Yahoo adds 7 dangers of diet soda, including obesity,kidney problems, metabolic issues, hangovers, cell damage, and rotting teeth. So basically, regular soda doesn't seem so bad by comparison, or you should just stop drinking sodas of any kind, or surrender to the fact that no matter what you drink, it has risk factors. Updates Added. Is diet soda addictive?



Diet Soda Causes Obesity? People who drink diet sodas are more likely to gain weight over time than people who don't, since the reward center of the brain knows the difference between real and fake sweeteners. Of course, drinking a bunch of regular soda probably won't help you either, so you might consider dropping the soda habit altogether.

Can diet cola give you a stroke

No direct connection, but correlation between diet soda drinking and strokes

Diet Soda ObesityDiet soda dangers were not considered serious until a study indicated that strokes and heart disease were more prevalent in daily diet soda drinkers. Though the direct source of correlation is not evident, the study ruled out other risk factors in a group of people followed over time, and saw that diet soda drinkers were 61% more likely to experience strokes. The Miami Miller School of Medicine presented this information at the 2011 International Stroke Conference. Additionally, increased salt consumption was also associated with strokes, and there is a possibility that vascular events and strokes could have been associated with additional salt use, though the reason for this increase in diet soda drinkers but not regular cola users is not certain. Some new information indicatest that diet soda may in fact be addictive, in addition to dangers of heart attack, strokes, kidney trouble, preterm delivery, and weight gain, which is presumably something you would not expect when drinking a diet soda. Aside from the anecdotal information about diet soda being addictive, which may either be due to the caffeine in the soda or the reward feeling that comes from drinking diet sodas. In any case, switching to diet soda may not be as good of an idea as giving up on soda drinking altogether and perhaps switching to healthier beverages, fruit juices, or plain old water.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Diet soda dangers have not been completely explored but the risks of regular soda overconsumption may include obesity, diabetes, and other problems like cavities, which are also shown to increase your risk of heart disease. No matter what, you can always phase out of the soda category to unsweetened iced tea, or fruit juices that aren't all sugar, and you may find that you are less gassy and bloated because you got rid of the fizz.